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If you are looking for high quality services with great attention to detail to get things right for you when it comes to technology then you’ve come to the right place.

We care greatly about the security of your computer and network and believe that you deserve the option of getting consistent, reliable and efficient use of your computer – every day!

We learned years ago over 90% of the problems brought to us were preventable and many of them could have been detected days, weeks, even months and years before they became a big deal if only there was someone ‘on your side’ watching over your systems. It was then that we discovered that by flipping upside down the traditional model of how people think and care for their computers that we could greatly increase your satisfaction of your computer and in many cases literally add years to how long you can continue to own and enjoy the use of your computer compared to what you’ve likely experienced in the past.

Many of our customers experience greater enjoyment, reliability, and significantly greater security with the computers we manage for them. We keep their computers tuned-up and running as fast as possible. On top of that we are able to do most all of this without interrupting your use of your computer. We do the work, you get the regular benefit of that work, you get ‘Peace of Mind’ and all with minimal interruption and maximum use of your computer!

We provide plans that proactively keep your computer up-to-date, secure and tuned up so you get the most from it every day. You have access to an IT professional who is interested in you getting the most from your computer. A professional whom you can trust for all manner of questions and technical needs. All our plans includes the ability for us to help you immediately no matter where you are! And all of our plans include the ability for us to monitor the health of your computer. Our proactive plan is so proactive that it actually alerts us both via email and text message to a variety of critical conditions well before your system is likely to tell you anything about them (if it does at all). We also monitor and receive alerts for a number of conditions that let us know when we can improve your use of your system for your benefit. If we can we will take care of it without interrupting you. Otherwise we will alert you to what we’ve found and provide you with you options for how we can best help you.

In the mean time, how can we help you today?

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