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If you find yourself needing immediate help or wanting to inquire about our services for an immediate need please call us so we can attend to your situation as soon as possible.

You can reach Ingalls Computer Services at: 585-672-3170

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Q:  How much email will I get from you?    A: Very little

It is our intention that we will be sending you information about services we offer and on rare occasions send you a sample of an actual noteworthy news item that we feel is important to send to our very best clients.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of just one of the methods we use to alert our clients about important items they need to know about.

The samples we send out to members of this list be infrequent and certainly not cover everything we feel is important to share with our clients. But hopefully when you get one of these you may find the information timely and helpful to you as well.

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