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Windows 10 password Failing

We have had two computers so far in the past month coming in that cannot log into their computers. Has anyone else have this problem? They are under a Microsoft account and type in the password they usually use and it does not work. One of the two computers stopping getting to the sign on

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Setting up Thunderbird

If you have not heard of Thunderbird before it is a program that will handle your incoming and out going mail. Plus it’s free! We get a few people that like to have a software on their desktop to click on that doesn’t need to open up a web browser. I just had to set

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It’s a great day here at Ingalls Computer Services

We have recently had a few of our clients order new Lenovo computers and here at ICS we get to set them up! We make sure these new computers are user friendly and secure before we hand it off to our clients. All the Windows updates are downloaded and installed (of course people know that

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