Great Software

A list of software I believe is great to consider having. Best obtained, installed and configured by a professional as the difference in doing it right vs. just ‘winging it’ can be rather dramatic as to what you think the end results may be. I highly recommend you seek my or other professional help to do these correctly (and that person should be an expert in the software I’m referring too here.)

(Last updated 11/27/2014)

1) Diskeeper Professional by Condusiv Technologies.

Here’s a link for a trial of this software:

Diskeeper 12 Professional Trial

Most important things are to understand what VSS is and how important it is to configure Diskeeper appropriately. If you don’t do it correctly you can ruin your VSS or greatly use up your disk space. This isn’t anything against Diskeeper software. It’s great. But you really better know how to configure it and best use (I’m available for hire to do just that for you.)

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