Tech Dogs

We are a dog friendly company! Our dogs usually are busy quietly thinking about projects they are working on. However sometimes you might hear them bark as they go greet someone at the door! Feel free to ask us to keep them away if you prefer to not be greeted by them.

And so here are some of our canine friends busy working at Ingalls Computer Services:

slepping oscar and lilly

Meet Oscar and Lilly! Oscar is a Lhasa Apso and Lilly is a Pomeranian mix. They are two peas in a pod. Their hobbies are sleeping and playing and going outside to enjoy the fresh air. And going for car rides!

in the car O and L

Below is Brady he is a Shetland Sheepdog and too smart for his own good. He always wants attention and loves to play. Best companion a person could ask for!


Below is Sadie a Shetland Sheepdog. The newest member of Tech Dogs. She is 10 weeks old in this picture. It will get updated as she grows older! She loves to cuddle and be with her people.



Below is Khaki she is a Cockapoo. Her unofficial hobbies are stealing newspaper, magazines, and napkins to shred. Very cute!



If you want your dog to be featured along with our ICS “Tech Dogs” then send us a picture through email and give us a small description with the name of your dog.

Please note: If you are greeted by one or more of our dogs … please play it safe and keep hands and fingers away until we see they are friendly to you. Don’t reach out to them. Let them come to you to check you out. Also, the pups aren’t supposed to jump on your legs when greeting you. Feel free to quickly bend your knees down and back up to push them off to let them know that behavior is not wanted.

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