My name is David Ingalls – owner Ingalls Computer Services.
I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been completely immersed in all aspects of computers, networks and technology since 1979 and I really enjoy helping people – especially if you are interested in seeking premier solutions and attention to your needs.

If you desire the highest level of service and products then call me.

If you are tired of dealing with computer problems, adware, malware, questions that know one else seems to be able to answer or fix for you. If you would rather spend your time growing your business or enjoying your home computer rather than trying to fix your computer or just “putting up with it” and desire the best in solutions then call me.

You can contact me at:

Ingalls Computer Services is proud to have the following members as part of our team:

David Ingalls
Michelle Freitag

Each of us are interested in learning how we can meet your short term technology needs as well as having an intense desire to show you how we can prevent or reduce problems from occurring in the first place and proactively keep your systems running the best they can everyday!

We cover hardware and software; new and older systems; security (both prevention as well as excellent reputation for intense cleaning of infected systems); backup; data recovery; help desk services; computer shopper help; sourcing new computer equipment; full serviced setup and installation of new equipment and much more. If it has to do with technology then we likely are willing and able to take on the task. We’ve even helped many with non-computer ‘tech’ matters including latest in entertainment / media display, streaming content, custom DVR solutions, converting from local ‘landline’ phones to voice over IP (less expensive); smart phone and tablets setup and use (be they Apple, Android or Microsoft); gaming systems, professional hosted PBX solutions and so much more.

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