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Windows 10 password Failing

We have had two computers so far in the past month coming in that cannot log into their computers. Has anyone else have this problem? They are under a Microsoft account and type in the password they usually use and it does not work. One of the two computers stopping getting to the sign on screen all together. There was some other issues going on there.

I find it quite annoying to have your Microsoft account linked up to your computer. It seems they just want to have full control over everything. I do not like Windows 10 and their “security and privacy” features. Lets just leave it at that.

While in the advanced troubleshoot area you have many options to choose from. Sadly half of the options require the user account password to get into that area. So the only couple of options you have is to restore from a backup (if you have one which we HIGHLY recommend) or wipe everything and start from factory settings.

Computer #1-Owner wanted to go back to Windows 8.1 and she only use’s the laptop for email and lighter work. So in the end I ended up doing a factory reset. The windows took it back to Windows 8 and I had to find the upgrade to 8.1. Now a lot of websites told me the upgrade would be found in the windows updates as it keeps updating. I let the computer run overnight doing updates and had to run the windows updates a few times after that to be caught up. The Windows 8.1 kb update did not show up in windows update. I was researching for hours trying to find the answer and I ended up finding the update in the Windows app store. I should have thought of that sooner.

Computer #2- Owner was trying to log in with a password they have always used and couldn’t log in. Microsoft kept saying password invalid. After restarting a couple of times the user could not even get to the log in page. Using a bootable USB drive we were able to get into some of the advanced options we couldn’t before without a password. But in the end we reset the computer while keeping files and folders. Then while saving the most recent files (couple of months) we used a restore point from a couple months back and restored the system so the user can use all the programs he had installed on his machine from before. Then we put the most recently saved files in the users document folder and was all set. Everything was as it was before the user was locked out and it was not linked to a Microsoft account anymore.


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