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Setting up Thunderbird

If you have not heard of Thunderbird before it is a program that will handle your incoming and out going mail. Plus it’s free! We get a few people that like to have a software on their desktop to click on that doesn’t need to open up a web browser.

I just had to set up TB (Thunderbird) for a client that was using Outlook for their Frontier mail. This is quite the process if you have never done it before. We had to set up to only do pop. Then export any contacts they had in Outlook. Opened up TB and had it log into the email. Now make sure you have the server setting correct from whichever email you are having TB grab. Once you are in TB and you can send and receive emails then that part is good to go.

Next comes the address that were exported from Outlook. I was able to import them fine enough but the Names and Email addresses were not showing up in the list. I could click on a contact and their info would display at the bottom but still nothing in the list. So I tried a second time to import and realized the info didn’t match up with the Outlook file I exported. So I had to play around with that to get everything to match up and she in the address book lists.

I thought I was done but I didn’t see any of the groups coming over when I imported the email addresses. So I did some research and found out the easiest way is to just recreate the groups. There were only a few groups with ten or less emails in them but it only took a few minutes to do.

It never hurts to learn new things and go above and beyond for your clients.


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