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Change capitalization of whole word or sentence with one keystroke

How to change capitalization of a whole word or sentence with one keystroke! (In Microsoft Word)

Ever copy / paste a title that happens to be in ALL CAPS and you want to quickly change it? Or perhaps you have a phrase that’s all lower case that you would like to use as a title and quickly capitalize the first letter of each word in that phrase instead of rewriting it or editing each word. Just do this instead:

  1. Select the word, sentence or paragraph.
  2. Now just press: Shift + F3
    Note: Some users will need to add the ‘Fn’ key as well and press: Fn+Shift+F3

Each time you press those keys Word will cycle to the next of three possible changes:

  1. All caps: “MY DOG NAMED SPOT”
  2. All lowercase: “my dog named spot”
  3. First letter of each word capitalized, other letters lower case: “My Dog Named Spot”

[Extra tip: How to remember new shortcuts? When you find one you like use it right away. Don’t just use it once. Take a minute or two to test and try out your new skill a few times in a few different places. Bookmark and/or tag the webpage that contained the tip. Try to make a point of testing out your new skill a couple times later the same day and again over the next day or so even if you don’t immediately need to use it. When it comes time that you need to use such a feature do not quickly give up and go without it using it! Do not automatically just revert to your older, slower more manual way for the sake of short-term ‘speed’. For me this is the most important part of the memory building process! Take that extra minute or so to re-look up how to do it and repeat the steps above! You looked it up once before. Looking it up a second, third or forth time should be much quicker since you know what it is you are looking for. If you are good with your bookmark/tagging organization efforts this may help you find the information fast as well. My more advanced tips for remembering would include a couple more things: Teach someone how to do this while you still remember how to do it. Use OneNote (what a fantastic application!!!!) and create a page within a notebook with the topic and the body containing a concise topic/question (as you might think abut wanting to look for the answer if you later were to do a ‘search’) and of course include the answer. Make sure that you use keywords within the OneNote page that you might likely use if you were wanting to search for this sometime in the future. Using good keywords in the title, and content greatly magnifies the value to you when the time comes that you might use OneNote’s ‘search’ feature! And lastly my most advanced “finder, reminder, rememberer” tip – get and use a dedicated system wide search engine and use it daily! I use and highly recommend Copernic Desktop Search. I use it many times daily!]

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